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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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is is. >> good morning here's what's happening after the sunday pileup. police are responding to more crashes this morning. road crews are out there working on icy spots we have a live report coming up. >> giving a day of service in honor of dr. martin luther king. the super bowl is on, the patriots take on the sea hawks. >> i saw the sea hawks versus packers, what a game.
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>> reporter: that was something. >> let's go over to david and karen, george. >> reporter: we had precipitation yesterday but most of it is is gone, we have snowshowers lingering through the region and you might see a wet snowflake and down south you might see rain. it's not a lot but you may see some popping through. we have more ice around on untreated surfaces, sidewalks and streets. we saw it was worst yesterday when it was active freezing rain. today it's of left over wetness moisture is refreezing, if it look wet it could be ice, so slow down. temperatures around the region, we're fluctuating near the freezing mark in philadelphia, where there is black ice, same thing in trenton and wilmington, 32 on the nose. if ice has formed overnight it's
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not like it instantly disappearance. it takes a while for it to break up. i would expect it up to 8:00, 9:00 p.m. by 8:00 a.m. 34, by noon, 40 and 3:00 p.m. 40 degrees that's coming down from a high of 42 that i expect to hit there around 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. karen, what are roads looking like early on. >> reporter: i think the hardest thing is to get the car i slipped in the driveway. we're looking at the main roads in new on the part of -- new hope i-95, they have done a great job treating the roads. the main roads are looking good, i want to switch the camera view to northeast philadelphia, state road at cottman avenue, the
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secondary streets the side streets are slick especially the ramps and bridges where you see icy conditions, that's the case, this morning too. on the big picture the area bridges open unlike yesterday morning, but we have 25-mile an hour speed restrictions on the area bridges. use extra precaution there. landsdown avenue in upper darby state road, the traffic lights are out in front of upper darby high school. as karen said, black ice is an issue for every driver out there. katherine scott is live in roxborough katherine a drive a walk could suddenly become dicey on a morning like this, morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam it can sneak up on you whether you're on foot or in your car. you want to watch out for slick
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spots as you head out the door. we're standing along ridge avenue. ridge is heavily traveled, some of the side streets may be worse off, wherever are you want to be careful. yesterday morning was a mess, there were multiple deadly crashes including this one on the schuylkill expressway in upper merion, that one was a chain reaction with three separate accidents involving 56 cars one man died after he left his disabled vehicle and was by a car. busses were brought in to bring in 30 people to area hospitals. salt roads have been out ahead of the morning commute. you can see trucks out across the five county area. some people were worried about getting in their car after watching all the accidents yesterday. >> i'm nervous driving to downingtown, i commute from the pottstown area.
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i'm hoping there's no school. >> reporter: back along ridge avenue, they are taking a look at the sidewalks the salt is out there people have been salting, there are efforts being made in areas to make it less slippery, whether on the roads or the sidewalks, the ice can get sneaky. be careful watch your step and take it slow in the car this morning, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> let's go over to our mobile 6 out there on city line avenue near st. joe's checking out the roads this morning. a lot of people locking out for black ice, i had the same experience, i came out my car was encased in ice i saw a lot of shininess on the roads. you never know if that's water or ice if you do head out give yourself a little bit of extra time. >> philadelphia international airport reported weather-related delays as the freezing rain moved through. take a live look at the airport
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sky6 live hd 6 you can check the status of flights by calling 1-800-phl-gate. this is new video of a crash on the new jersey turnpike, dozens of cars and trucks smashed into teach other in teeneck about her again county. one -- one wreck killed one person. >> go that way go that way. look out, look out! look out! goodness gracious, that car hit a truck just outside manhattan. this is that same truck seconds earlier sliding all over the road, several bridges and tunnels in and out of new york city had to be closed for hours.
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remember you can keep track of the accuweather forecast by downloading the free storm tracker 6 live app. it gives you access to live rar the car and the hourly forecast and weather alerts posted for your area. >> police called for salt trucks when two car collided in center city. this happened at 13th and vine at 12:30. a car ran a stop sign and slammed into another car sending the car on the sidewalk. both drivers were hurt and will be okay. investigators have not said if it was ice to cause the driver to run the stop sign. vice president joe biden is expected to spend mlk day at a breakfast for the a day of service. it was after the gunshots were heard at his home while he was out of town. wendy saltzman looks at who shot
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the gun and why. >> reporter: vice president vice president was out for the evening at the time the incident took place. it may have been been a drive-by shooting or random shots fired. authorities say they are investigating the potential threat tonight. the new castle county home of vice president joe biden is under heavy guard protecting the house that is set several hundred feet off the road. it was out front of the guard shack that one of the guards heard multiple shots fired in the area of the residence and witnessed a vehicle fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed. they were unsuccessful finding any suspects. authorities say one person was questioned, but not involved in the shooting. we have no description of the vehicle and no word of shell casings were recovered near the house and there was no damage to
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the biden house or neighbors residence. it occurred on the outside established security perimeter. there were shots fired a short time later at a reservoir. the secret service fbi and the delaware police are continuing to investigate this incident. they say even if there was no intended target or damage done, they want to know who pulled the trigger and why. in new castle county, wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> it is 4:39 we have more news you did not see last night eating a burger got a man in trouble with police. >> it's taxing and rewarding we have a business brief on when it's okay to file for an early tax return. >> reporter: it's going to be mild later high of 44 and low
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of 28. i'll have more on the blustery wind blowing and another black ice warning that's all coming up.
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this is no joke.
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>> new video of ice concerns firefighters in the bronx new york slid while walking on a street. the ice made it treacherous for first responders and road crews themselves. >> reporter: bad ice yesterday today not as bad overall but i want you to be very careful on sidewalks and streets because anything that was moist overnight was refreezing on surfaces across a good portion of the region. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's a little bit of precipitation around this morning. it's not much, but rain down south probably heading toward millville. you can see how it's dropping out of the north and west. there's a bit of a change to sleet or wet snow, whatever you see the blue not a lot of that in pennsylvania right now. farther up to the north, looks like it's cold enough where we are seeing snow showers these are popping in toward reading and hamburg.
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the problems on the roads as we look outside is more of a result of the rain that came in yesterday and it didn't have a chance to entirely dry up before the overnight hours ensued and the temperatures dropped. everybody is getting by okay on i-95 at least here in center city where the road is probably pretreated. we take a look we have a warning for drivers and pedestrians. we are seeing a refreeze of rain from yesterday and sidewalks and streets especially side streets that haven't been treated with black ice. 33 degrees, close to the freezing mark, that means areas close by are at freezing and philadelphia was down to freezing recently which means there is black ice out there that hadn't had a chance to melt. winds west, southwest at 10 miles per hour. as we get into the later part of
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the day and past noon, you'll see the winds pick up at 25 miles per hour and gusting at times. a little bit blustery today. you'll see clouds to start out as well. over by the shore we'll see early sunshine. we'll wind up with a partliy afternoon, we're dealing with a cloudy sky early. high temperature, 42 degrees, it's martin luther king, a day of service, a lot of planning on vog, by 9:00 a.m. 36 degrees, noon, 40 we get a high of 42 around 2:00. we're back to 40 cease by 3:00 p.m. with the 25-mile an hour gusts. tomorrow looks like a day that will feature increasing clouds morning into the evening and wednesday there's the chance of some snow showers that begin to build in, could be rain down by the shore. it doesn't look like it will put down much accumulation, but
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light snow showers give you the poblght of trouble. -- give you the possibility of trouble. that's wednesday's issue. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 42 today sun to clouds on tuesday 42. wednesday, snow showers, you want to be careful on roads as they pop through. high of 36. back to 40 on thursday, friday, chilly, 36. mostly sunny, 38 on saturday, more clouds on sunday, 42. there might be rain on monday, and we could see rain before we are done on sunday. >> dr. martin luther king will be honored nation wild with a day of service. there are 1800 projects scheduled in the region. 135,000 volunteers are expected to take part. five thousand people have volunteered for the signature event at girard college in north philadelphia. the action cam is live at girard
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college, there will be a job fair there, as well. young people will be trained to be poll workers it's a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. call (215)851-1181 if you want to volunteer for any of the projects. him it's not too late to get involved. >> looking at business on this monday. the winter weather headlines we notice that cities across the country are doing this, they are letting the residents track the snowplows in their area. chicago, new york and pits has an app that you can track. they are trying to approve to skeptics that plow drivers are out there and working hard. you can start filing federal and pennsylvania returns tomorrow, new jersey starts accepting returns on wednesday and delaware gets going on friday. taxes are dubai april 15th. markets are closed today in
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observance of martin luther king day. stocks finished higher on friday. facebook is looking to higher 100 new employees that's a 14% increase in its current number of workers. >> the patriots will take on the defending champions sea hawks in super bowl 49. when the patriots demolished the colts 45-7. after the game, nfl told there's a possibility that the patriots deflated footballs used in the game. one ball was tested. no comment from the nfl. deflating the football makes it easier to throw and catch in bad weather. the sea hawks came from behind a win in overtime, 28-22. russell wilson threw a 35-yard
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pass for an amazing come back. the packers bobbled an on side kick. wilson shook off four interceptions and got his redemption in overtime. >> i think my favorite when they thought they were going to kick the field goal that's when they got the turn around. >> 4:49 we're watch watching out for black ice this morning. mobile 6 is out there this morning, going down the parkway toward city hall looking out for black ice and they are taking it slowly. david murphy has the forecast and karen rogers has a look at the roads. >> you have a chance to see selma today for free when "action news" continues.
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>> reporter: we are watching for areas that are slick this morning, especially secondary roads and driveways walking to your car. main roads are not in bad shape. philadelphia pike is closed at harvey road due to an accident. because of the slick conditions, 495 is reduced to 45 miles per hour in both directions.
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we're seeing areas of restrictions on the bridges but 25-mile an hour speed restrictions. we have a water main break westbound main street at academy in newark. i-95 traffic is moving okay, the main roads have been treated. there are salt crews out there dealing with that. the ramps bridges overpasses, sidewalks animal -- and driveways that's another story. be careful as you ahead out. >> wilmington city council member darious brown will hold a screening of selma. it will be on a first come first serve basis. selma is nominate for best picture and song at the oscars which you can see on february 22. tom wolf will be sworn in as the new governor in
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harrisburg. wolf is planning a more low key celebration, there will be no formal ball fireworks or parade. they are planning of having a party at hershey lodge with live music and pennsylvania themed food. >> black ice. >> katherine scott will be live at 5:00 a.m. along with the street crews hard at work trying to make your drive safer. we'll be right back.
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>> pga star stayed he was beaten robbed and kidnapped from a wine bar in honolulu. he failed to make the cut at the sonny open. he got separated from his friends and beaten. he was waken by a homeless woman in a park four hours later. his credit card, drivers license and phone were gone. a man in georgia is fighting back after being busted for eating a burger while driver. madison turner was pulled over after he was spotted chowing down on a double cheese burger behind the wheel. he was cited under the distracted drivers law. a spokesperson for the police department could not comment since the case is on going. >> i can only imagine how many people would be cited on the
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interstate here. >> we have new video showing an out-of-control grass fire that caused a home to burn to the ground. >> there could slick spots to slow down your drive this morning, mobile 6 there it looks like it's on the parkway heading up to city hall. it's stopped right now. keeping an eye on the roads for you this morning we'll have the latest on how the roads look when we come back.
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you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> good morning 5:00 a.m. on this monday, january 19. matt o'donnell is off, eva pilgrim joining us, here's what's happening. >> we're tracking potential problems for the morning commute. temperatures near the freezing mark could lead to slick spots on the roads this morning. >> gunfire erupts near the delaware home of the vice president, what the secret service said they saw moments after the shots were fired. >> today we pause to honor dr. martin luther king and philadelphia will lead the nation in the day of


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